The Moving Gut by Hans Jörg Ehrlein and Michael Schemann

Hans Jörg Ehrlein was Professor for Zoophysiology at the Department of Zoophysiology at the University of Hohenheim. Among many, one of his main achievements was to provide new insights into gut motility. Hans Jörg Ehrlein and Michael Schemann identified and analysed motility patterns that are relevant to physiology as well as pathophysiology.

They used videofluoroscopy to visualise the relation between contractile patterns of the gut and their effect on transit of intraluminal content. This pioneering work tremendously advanced our understanding of gut motility as you will appreciate when enjoying the movies and animations.

The movies and animation provided on this website demonstrate motor patterns of the stomach as well as different regions of the small and large intestine. Beyond representative examples of physiological motor patterns, some show patterns that are typical for the pathophysiological state. Also available is a tutorial that describes and illustrates regulation of gut motility.

The Videos have moved to a YouTube-Channel:

Gastrointestinal Motility: The Gut in Motion